Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello again!

Today is Monday, November 24th. I've successfully completed my first full week here in Spain!

This past week I've done a lot of exploring! On Wednesday, I went to the center of Barcelona called "Placa de Catalunya," my very first time riding the metro. The center was beautiful! But very crowded! While in the center, the girls and I went shopping! What girl wouldn't! I bought a few things! :) After shopping for awhile, we found a small restaurant that served pizza, burgers, and Coca Cola! I had nachos and a burger! It was nice to finally have some American good. Even though they had too I clue what a pickle was! I guess I'll have to wait until I'm back in the states for that one. At about 8:30, we decided to head home. Sarah and I decided to try the metro! But we all had to go our separate ways. Scary! The metro was quite confusing at first! There are so many different lines that go to all different places. But think goodness the stop I needed is fairly common and almost every line stops there! Once getting off the metro, I had the task of finding my way home. For anyone who knows me well, I'm absolutely horrible with directions! I use my gps everywhere. So of course I got lost! It turned out I was on the right street the entire time! I just passed up the house! But I finally made it!

On Friday, I went to London with 4 other girls! The plane ride was okay. It made me anxious being on a foreign flight company. But we made it safely. We arrived at about midnight! Saturday morning we began touring the city- it was rainjng and I had no umbrella! The girls and I decided to pay for a tour bus. It cost is about 30 pounds. Expensive but worth it! I soon realized everything in London was expensive! We even had to pay 10 pounds for Wi-Fi at the hotel! Throughout the day Saturday we saw the Buckingham palace, the London eye, the London bridge, big Ben and much more! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I went!

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