Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week Three

Time is sure passing quickly! Only 9 days left here in Spain. It may sound odd, but I'm ready to come home. Don't get me wrong, I've had a great time here! But I'm definitely missing home! I'm also missing American food! At this point, anything and everything sounds good! I think if I was to walk into an American grocery store right now I would buy everything in sight! Therefore, I won't be going into a grocery store for the first couple days after I return. But I will find me some Mexican good! Yum!

Anyways, this past weekend I decided to stay in Barcelona. Sarah and I went exploring in the center! We paid 27 euros each to get on a tour bus. Not bad considering we were on the bus all day! Before getting on the bus, Sarah and I decided to eat lunch. We stopped at a KFC to eat! It was nice to finally eat some "normal" food. The chicken was really good! In my opinion better than the KFC chicken at home! Crazy! The cried werent too good though! They were in desperate need of some salt! The cashier thought we were crazy when we asked for extra salt packets. After lunch, we got on the tour bus. We went all around town! We stopped at a famous Catholic church (not sure of the name), the Olympic stadium, and a castle! However, it was rainjng during the entire trip. In Spain, it doesnt just rain, it pours! But the end of the tour, I was soaked. I was even carrying an umbrella. For dinner, we decided to stop in the first restaurant we could see. We were very eager to get out of the rain! Everything on the menu was quite strange! But they did have pizza. It was pretty good, but it doesnt compare to pizza hut! After dinner, we both decided to go our separate ways and head home. I made it all the way back to the house without getting lost! Go me!

On the other hand, school is going well! It is a lot different from American schools though. One thing that is a big difference is the way the children are disciplined for negative behavior. Here the children are not as disciplined. So it makes it hard sometimes to teach! It's just something I will have to get used too! Anyways, I've been teaching small lessons each day! They have been pretty well! As many of you know, I'm teaching art. So I would say everything is going great! My artistic ability is also improving! I could not draw for the life of me before coming to Spain! But last Wednesday, I drew a model gingerbread man for the children and I think it looked pretty good! I also got the opportunity to make two clay owls from leftover clay! They are in the kiln now! I'm excited to see how they turned out!

9 more days left! Cant wait to see everyone back home! I love and miss you all!

See you soon,

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